The Resilience Project Podcast

Get resilience, mindset and success tips that you can take into your own endeavours as Wes interviews achievers from many arenas, in this podcast full of life-lessons from inspiring people.


We hear so much about the need for it. So many of us display it without realising. Most of us are doing it right now in some areas of our lives, in many cases, without realising it.

But occasionally we hit a brick wall. We can’t see the way forwards. It seems too difficult. Whether that’s a promotion at work, a business we’re trying to get off the ground, a health or fitness challenge, a relationship, writing a book, overcoming past traumas or mental blocks. And sometimes it seems much easier to give up.

Hollywood would have us believe that anyone can achieve their dream. It’s a romantic idea but rarely the case. We only have to look at the fact 95% of people don’t get past the first week of a New Year Resolution to see that resilience can be in short supply.

In Wes Linden’s new podcast, ‘The Resilience Project’, launching in March 2024, he talks to hugely successful guests from many different niches who will look to expose the unfiltered truth - the story behind the story - to give hope to others that they too can have their own inspiring journey, and the life lessons they’ve taken that helped you succeed.

Wes himself knows a thing or two about resilience. He is a university drop-out who has built a business that achieves $400m+ in annual sales, and is a long-running, best-selling author and international speaker. He’s also the guy who was told not to do PE at school due to his asthma, who went on to become a soccer referee, officiating in the professional game up to Championship level!

We’ll be releasing the names soon, but here’s a sneak peak….

  • Team GB Olympic Gold medalist
  • Sportsman who has won more world titles than anyone else in his sport
  • Coronation Street actress
  • Well-known British astronaut
  • Social media sensation with over 5m followers

In ‘The Resilience Project’ you’ll get tips, learn lesson and gain hope from hearing their stories - the disappointments, the naysayers, the frustrations, the unsupportive friends or family members, the overdraft letters, and the sheer resilience required to make a mark in their world, to help us realise how important these moments are to our journey.

You’ll find ‘The Resilience Project Podcast’ in all the normal places where you listen to your podcasts right now - Spotify; Apple Music; Amazon Music; YouTube