Leadership Coaching

Leading teams of thousands for over 25 years, Wes is uniquely positioned as a highly sought-after leadership mentor

Unique experience, bespoke leadership

Having built and led a business of over 10,000 associates over the last 25 years which now does over $400m in annual sales, Wes is perfectly placed to provide advice and coaching based on genuine hands-on experience.

Uniquely, as an ex-professional soccer referee, Wes became used to leading a team of officials and manage high-profile games including some of the biggest names (and egos) in the sport, which involved many different areas of leadership to work with so many types of character.

Wes helps leaders around the globe to excel in their business.

All of this has meant that his insights and approach to leadership has made him highly sought-after as a consultant for business leaders and companies who want to build and grow their culture, relationships with their teams, and get a message across in the most simple and empowering way.

Wes has a particular speciality in building a culture of belonging; creating loyalty; empowering new leaders; motivating individuals based on their character; recognition techniques based on personality type; managing difficult conversations; dealing with big personalities; supporting the growth of new heroes whilst not displacing long-standing, legacy leadership; and conflict resolution.

Want to hear from Wes on your stage?

Whilst Wes is fully-focussed on growing his UK-based direct selling organisation - which is now a FTSE250 business; since retiring from soccer refereeing he has accepted speaking requests in-person and online, generally outside of the UK. He is proud of the fact that he is still mostly operational in his UK business and turns down more requests for coaching and mentoring than he accepts, and is not someone that says yes to everything - preferring to assess each offer on its merits based on the credibility of the business, brand and leadership of the company to ensure they’re of the strong and authentic calibre of his own business, rather than lending good influence to anyone with a cheque book.

As you’d imagine, such arrangements are very limited and not inexpensive. If you think this is something you’d like to learn more about, please click the contact us below.


What people say about Wes

"He truly leads, not forces"

What is a compassionate leader? If you were looking for an example of that definition, that person would be Wes Linden. He truly ‘leads’ – not ‘forces’ people to become better in their career and in their lives.

Tom 'Big al' schreiter
International Speaker & Best-Selling Author

"Wes helps boost your belief & bottom line."

Having worked with Wes on-stage for well over a decade, I know that he absolutely delivers powerful, practical ideas that will instantly boost your bottom line, as well as increase your belief of what is possible!

Sarah robbins
Top US Income Earning Leader & International Speaker

"Wes is a good guy to teach you..."

He struggled, made mistakes, learned from them, tested new approaches, tried new things, and ultimately came up with what you are now holding in your hands. None of this is theory or speculation. This is the real-world stuff Wes has learned building a large team.

Randy Gage
New York Times Best-Selling Author