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Working with Wes

Best-selling author Wes Linden has become a highly-coveted speaker, consultant, and advisor for Direct Selling businesses outside of the UK in Europe and the rest of the world.

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About wes- in his own words

What if I could help you NOT make the mistakes I made so you can build your income faster?

Over the 25+ years I’ve spent building a business, that does $400m+ in sales a year, I’ve screwed up with loads of the mistakes you’re about to make or might’ve already made. So relax - it’s just part of the process (annoyingly!)

During this time, I have spoken at events across the world, reaching hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, deep-diving into what led me to the successes I enjoy today. I’ve always had a huge desire to support others, just like you. Ya know, the side-hustlers, the stay-at-home parents, the 50-hour a week employee, the Miis (multi-income individuals) or the ambitious Gen-XYZs. But as I zoom out, I realise I can’t reach everyone or attend every event - especially now I have my 3 rescue dogs (Coby the sausage dog from Hungary; Bree the beagle from Cyprus; and Lassie the rough collie saved from the Chinese meat-market, since you were desperate to know!) and nephew (Noah, aged 10)!

So I asked myself, how can I help and empower more folks? Well… simple. Give you access to all my content, my talks, my training - with no subscriptions, no buy-ins, just free from me to you. I had lots of help when I was starting out so this is my way of paying it forward. Check it out here

- Wes Linden